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How's my RPing with this character? Please comment here with any compliments, constructive criticisms, or other concerns/comments.

You can also, alternatively, contact me on AIM at Gonsai Fong

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Fifty First Flare

Everyone in the Highschool, I need your communicators now.

I've got a plan.

-It involves bombs, btw.-

[[ Lucca's plan, btw, is going to involve hiding all of the communicators in a building, luring the soldiers inside, and blowing it sky high with her Megaton Bombs. She can't hold down her fort in the lab forever on her own, after all. Even if no one volunteers, she'll just use her own. ]]

Fiftieth Flare

Everyone done going crazy for a single damn moment?


Because we've got business to attend to. The power grids are in shabby shape and are going to need extensive repair before the cold comes in. Weather has NOT been on my side lately, either. All heating units are probably also in need of repair.

I had wanted to get power up and running in the other apartments by this point, but it's not gonna happen at this rate. I'll barely be able to keep everything else in working shape unless I can get some help.

Forty Ninth Flare [text]

anyone get the license number of that temporal shift?

i feel like my head is in a vice. but at least i'm awake now. docs said i slept for a week. that explains the soreness. and the stiffness. and possibly the everything else that hurts.

so it worked right? we're all back to normal?

Forty Eighth Flare [Voice]

-There is a flood of otherworldly sounds. They're right smack dab in the middle of Lavos Space. And now comes the final blow.-

An egg represents, above all things, possibility.

-And as the egg is tossed right into Lavos's gaping maw, it lets out that same cry. But this time, it seems to reverse itself. And in a moment, all anyone will hear is static.-

[[ Lavos Plot: The End

A huge flash of iridescent light will shine over the city with extreme brightness, causing everything around you to appear opalescent at first. When it faids, all of the destruction caused by Lavos and its spawns will begin to reverse itself right before your very eyes. It will not be completely restored, but hey, that's just Discedo for you. The light then passes by again, focusing on Lavos's ground zero and our heroes before exploding in a brilliant starburst. The light will scatter everywhere, settling like glowing snow before disappearing. It's safe to touch.

Oh, and someone might want to go fetch the eight people passed out in the middle of the now restored warehouse in front of the non-functioning telepods. They'd appreciate it. ]]

Forty Seventh Flare

Alright. With Sue's help, I've got what I need to end this. But I'm going to need some help.

With the help of Leonardo and his brothers, as well as Ace, I've been able to build weapons made out of the shells of the Lavos Spawn. The material those shells are made out of is something we refer to in my world as "Dreamstone", and it is pretty much the only material we have that can be used to harm Lavos at this point. I only had enough to make six weapons, though.

I have a list of six individuals, compiled from both my records and the records of others, who I would like to ask for help in getting Sue and I close enough to use my solution. They will get the weapons. I know this seems sudden, but... I can't do this without you.

Japan. Lute. Flandre Scarlet. Seifer Almasy. Ukraine. Leonardo Hamato.

I've done my research. I know you're the ones who have the best chance of making it through this. Lavos is not a normal enemy... So I need a team that's just as good. So I need to ask you now... Are you willing to put your lives on the line to protect the people of this city?

Because I sure as hell am.

[[ FINAL PHASE: WORLD REVOLUTION begins. This is the last battle. Now, pay attention kiddies, because THIS IS IMPORTANT

While the team fights Lavos itself, the Lavos Spawn will be VERY VERY ACTIVE and attacking all over the city in an effort to protect their parent. Everyone in the city can band together and fight them off while the main team fights big momma. So this is pretty much a phase everyone can participate in. GO NUTS! You can start posting about the Lavos Spawn as soon as the Final Battle log goes up. ]]

Forty Sixth Flare

Its name... is Lavos.

It's from an ancient term in my world meaning "great fire". It came to our planet as a falling celestial object, embedding deep within the earth. The explosion from its arrival ushered in an Ice Age that lasted for eons. It literally changed the entire history of my world. It changed... everything.

Humans wanted to use it as a source of power. Selfish bastards, aren't we? Well we reap what we sow. That thing... that MONSTER is a symbol of our sin. Of our burden. And it destroyed us... even after I did everything I could to kill it, it still managed to exist. It exists beyond time. Beyond reality. It...

It's feeding. Right now. On all of you. It's feeding on you just by existing. First, it feeds on you physically. Then it begins to eat at your dreams, your consciousness, your very perception of reality. Then... then it begins to eat time itself until there is nothing but left but the Darkness beyond Time and Space.

... It's my fault Lavos is here. But I know how to stop it. If you are willing to listen.

[[ Lucca is back from the dead and Phase One is now officially over. Tomorrow/Monday, Phase Two: Dreams Devoured will begin. Please read up on the OOC information and ask any questions there. Lucca will be taking your questions ICly here. EXCEPT REPLIES WILL LIKELY BE SLOW. I've got a thing to do tonight. ]]

Forty Fifth Flare [Video] The Day of Lavos

-The camera is adjusted several times by Mini-Rob, trying to get the best shot of the action. Standing to the side of the bizarre looking contraptions is one Lucca Ashtear. Standing in the left pod is her assistant, Serge, whom looks just as nervous as Lucca does. Unfortunately, this is a Now or Never situation. If they don't at least try...-

Ladies and Gentlemen of Discedo, my name is Dr. Lucca Ashtear. I am a specialists in quantum sciences, in both theoretical sciences and engineering. I have traveled across both time and reality in my life. And while my personal timeline has come to an end in my own world, I know that many of you still have things left to accomplish. Things to live for. And it cannot happen here. Most of you... NEED to go home.

That's where I, and this -she motions to the Telepods and to Serge- come in. This is the Telepod, meticulously recreated from notes I've kept over the last five years. This is the thing that started it all. Back in my home world, the particle transference process had a reaction with the quantum radiation given off by the multi-dimensional material known as Dreamstone. Serge's body over there has residue of the material on it from traveling through time in my world. The reaction caused me to rip a hole in time and allow transportation through different eras based on the existence of Gates in those eras. Further tweaking eventually allowed myself, and others, to travel across possibility as well...

I am hoping... praying... that reaction will happen again today. I will create a Bal Transference Anomaly Gate that will be capable of sending all of you back to your natural worlds and timelines. You will all finally be able to go home.

-There's a moment of silence as the weight of her words sinks in. A way home. A way out of Discedo. It was almost too good to be true.-

... Let's not hesitate any longer. -She moves to one of the consoles and begins throwing switches, pressing buttons, and pulling levers. A solar generator off to the side begins to roar to life, sending tremendous amounts of power to the Telepods. The lights in the warehouse flicker wildly and great arcs of electricity begin to fly up between the pods, causing static to appear on the video feed.-


-Throwing one final switch, The machine begins to react to Serge's Lynx-body, causing the entire room to shake violently. Bolts of ethereal energy begin to streak out from a center point just above the two pods, causing light and time to bend around them. Eventually, a gaping hole began to form. Though Lucca looks at it a bit puzzled. Usually the ethereal space between the Keystone Timelines was bluish purple. This was... several colors. A visual spectrum far beyond what human eyes could likely even see. This was... odd. Worrisome.

... And then, in the sudden silence this sound is heard. Lucca's face now reflects absolute fear.-


-And then an otherworldly cry of horror sounds from the Gate. Mini-Robo drops the communicator immediately and runs to help Lucca, but soon there is a white flash, and nothing but static remains...-

[[ Phase One of the Lavos Plot has officially began. Lucca is now dead. ]]

Forty Fourth Flare [video]

-A familiar BUZZ strikes our good scientist, waking her from her sleep hard enough to fall out of her hammock and into a pile of scrap pieces on the floor. A long string of foreign curses is heard as Lucca flails and kicks her way out of the pile. She stumbles about a bit before finding her glasses on a nearby counter. Most of this is assumed because all the communicator is showing is a nice view of her butt (well, her black bike shorts anyways).-

... I slept in. Crap.

Does anybody know what time it is?

4th Wall Flare


You guys still have these huh?

I'll say this once. Get the hell out of my lab before you break something (and/or yourself).



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